My little space for venting.

Why, hello there! You found my little space here on the Internet. I have no name, but you can call me Nu, if you really need. Other places on the Internet made me sick and tired of everything, so I felt the need for a cozy, small place to feel safe.

This isn’t my first try, but the other times I put out personal information as it was nothing. I don’t want to repeat that mistake: it’s best for everyone if I remain that unknown person on the Web. It’s one of the advantages of Web 1.0, isn’t it? Being able to be no one and still make a difference.

For now, I’m just keeping a not-so-daily-anymore journal to log my attempts at being more positive. Of course, since I chose this place and not Neocities, I gave a look at m15o’s stuff (which is a lot), so finding about the HTML Journal specification took almost no time. As of 29th December 2022, my journal is part of the Neon Kiosk, whose link you can find at the bottom of the page.

Other stuff might come later.